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Cashmere: myths to be debunk

Thanks to this article we help you to debunk some myths about cashmere!

The world of knitwear, and in particular Cashmere knitwear, is fascinating and complex, but there are urban myths and legends.
Among the most common, the following should be debunked:

"Cashmere is used only during winter season"

No! In contact with skin, Cashmere maintains body temperature as a naturally insulating fabric. For this reason, garments made with this yarn retain heat in winter, and as they are breathable, they expel sweat in summer, keeping the wearer cool.
One of the best-selling garments that best represents this characteristic is undoubtedly our Cashmere and Silk polo shirt, it is part of our all-season selection and is required and worn all the year.

"Cashmere can only be washed in dry cleaners"

No! This is one of the most widespread and deeply rooted "beliefs". Cashmere can be easily washed at home, obviously paying a little foresight such as using a neutral and delicate detergent; leave to soak for a few seconds; rinse it in cold water. After washing it is preferable to pat the garment gently with a towel and wrap it in it. Spread it horizontally on the surface for complete drying.

"A quality cashmere is not be prone to fluff"

No! In fact, the pilling effect is an absolutely natural feature of cashmere: often using a pure cashmere sweater it is normal to notice, in certain areas, the appearance of these dreaded lint, this is due to the repeated rubbing of the very small surface fibers with a body.

Discover our products in 100% pure Cashmere and in very soft Cashmere blend!


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