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How can I understand that it's real Cashmere?


Cashmere garments are among the finest and most luxurious on the market. It is therefore peculiar and interesting to understand how to recognize their authenticity.

Why is Cashmere considered one of the finest yarns?

First of all it is important to point out that Cashmere is so precious because it comes from the hair of a rare variety of goat, the Hircus, bred in Eastern countries and precisely in Mongolia, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey and India and shorn only during a period of the year, spring.

How can I recognize cashmere?

To understand if Cashmere is authentic, it can be subjected to a test consisting of four steps:

  1. A visual test, also called "Seeing is believing".
  2. A touch test
  3. A test called "Dye" hard
  4. An odor test or "Cashmere on fire".

The visual test, also called "Seeing is believing"

It may seem trivial but, to recognize a 100% Cashmere garment, first of all, it is essential to look at the label. The label of a Cashmere product certifies that it is made entirely of Cashmere also from a legislative point of view.
If the percentage is lower or if the label isn't present, the first alarm bell will sound.

The touch test

After checking the label, a test that can be carried out to verify if it is actually real Cashmere is to touch it. One of the fundamental characteristics of this yarn, which distinguishes it from other wools and natural fibers, is softness. Cashmere garments are extremely soft and comfortable because the fibers of this material have a very thin diameter that reaches 15 microns (a human hair is about 30 microns) and, moreover, their shape is irregular and allows them to adhere to each other. creating a pleasant feeling of softness.
If touching the garment it should pinch or give a perception of scratch, it may not be Cashmere.

The hard "Dye" test

The saying goes “all that glitters is not gold” but this is not true for Cashmere. A garment made of this high quality yarn has a rich and shiny color. It is therefore important to pay attention to this small detail as well.

The odor test or "Cashmere in flames"

Another test that can be carried out to understand if a garment is 100% Cashmere is the fire test. You take a tuft of fibers pressed together forming a thick thread and then set it on fire with a lighter: if it is true Cashmere it will shrink and carbonize, if it is synthetic fiber it will burn producing black smoke and it will have an unpleasant plastic smell. That because one of the peculiar properties of cashmere is being fire resistant.

Finally, to be sure of buying real Cashmere, it is essential to rely on expert companies in the sector, such as Cains Moore. For 70 years, we have been making pure Cashmere garments, investing in digital technologies and carefully selecting suppliers, to raise the quality of our products, representing the Made In Italy brand of excellence.

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