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How long does a cashmere sweater last?

Some precautions to keep the quality of our Cashmere garment intact.


The production process of a pure Cashmere garment is long and complex, but the result will be a soft garment that, if it is well kept, it will last for a lifetime.
Cashmere is a noble, precious and rather delicate yarn compared to ordinary wool and, for this reason, it is necessary to follow some small rules to preserve it in the best way and to preserve its appearance and intrinsic properties.

Let's find out what are the precautions to be taken to keep the quality of our Cashmere garment intact.

1. The washing

Before putting the cashmere garment in the wardrobe at the end of the season, it is essential, in addition to remove the lint formed on the surface with a soft brush or the special comb, to wash it to remove any traces of dirt or sweat.
Be careful to not improvise: a well-done wash renews the fibers of the garment making it soft and shiny, like new; but a wrong washing can ruin it.
For this reason it is advisable to wash the garment by hand using a neutral and delicate detergent; to leave it to soak for a few seconds and to rinse it in cold water. Subsequently it is preferable to pat it gently with a towel, to wrap it in its own and finally spread it horizontally on the surface for complete drying.

2. The folding

Cashmere needs more care than other yarns to be well preserved. Therefore, after the washing phase, it is important to fold it correctly. The garment must be folded lengthwise, sideways, keeping the arms well aligned and stretched so as not to create small folds. Furthermore, Cashmere can be damaged by the humidity of the environment: for this reason, tissue paper can be inserted inside the garment and along the folds to avoid the formation of molds that can easily form on natural fabrics such as wool.

3. The storage of the garment in the wardrobe

After washing and after having folded it well, it is important to know how to properly store the garment in your wardrobe. As previously stated, Cashmere is a natural fiber and it is therefore sensitive to light and to the attack of moths. For this reason it is good to keep every single garment made of this precious fabric in a bag, possibly in canvas or even in plastic. Inside the bag you can also introduce some cedar balls in order to ward off moths. It is not recommended to use mothballs because wool absorbs odors. Once the sweater has been inserted into the bag, it is essential not to close it hermetically because the natural fiber needs to breathe. Finally, inside the wardrobe, the bag with the garment inside it must not be exposed to light for a long time.

Thanks to these small steps, the pure Cashmere garment will last a long time, it will always be kept new and it will have that refined and elegant aspect typical of this fine wool.


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