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Merino wool and Cashmere: properties and differences

Wool is one of the most versatile materials and a valuable ally against winter.

fleece wool
Among the finest wool garments there are Merino wool and Cashmere, in this article we will discover their characteristics and differences.

Merino wool and Cashmere: the characteristics

Merino and Cashmere are two different varieties of wool. Merino wool differs from other qualities of wool for the structure of its fibers: it is thermoregulatory, hygroscopic, breathable and hygienic, because its natural shape and the course of the fibers prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. Furthermore, the lanolin creates a hostile environment for dust mites, it is fireproof and antibacterial, it doesn't irritate the skin and it protects against bad odors. The appearance of the cashmere is much brighter; it is shiny, comfortable and isothermal.

The extreme softness, the high thermoregulation capacity, ingroscopicity (the ability to absorb sweat), antistaticity and the tendency to fel less are just some of the characteristics that distinguish this precious wool. Another peculiar feature lies in its raw color: we can distinguish 7 colors ranging from white to brown, to gray to red.

A feature on which it's important to pay more attention instead is that relating to pilling and durability: cashmere tends to felt faster than other types of wool and therefore a cashmere garment, if it is poorly maintained, it can last less.

Merino wool and Cashmere: the differences

Cashmere and Merino wool are often confused. It is therefore interesting and important to note the differences.
The first big difference between Merino wool and Cashmere is the origin: Cashmere comes from the fleece of a particular breed of goat, the Hircus, originally from Kashmir, a historical-geographical region located in the north of the Indian subcontinent between India and Pakistan. Merino wool instead comes from the fleece of Merino sheep present in New Zealand, Australia and also in Spain and Portugal.

A second important difference concerns the treatment and care of the fabric: Cashmere is more delicate, and therefore requires more attention in the washing phase, it has to be carried out exclusively by hand. Merino wool is much more resistant and easier to care for, it can be machine washed using a delicate program at 20 ° C and choosing a specific detergent.
Both have in common the ability to perfectly retain heat and protect from external agents; in addition, Cashmere also has the ability to not absorb odors, guaranteeing a lasting feeling of cleanliness, freshness and comfort.

In conclusion, Merino Wool and Cashmere are materials of extreme quality and suitable for use on various occasions.

Since 1953, we have been working with Merino wool and Cashmere in a perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology, in the constant search for excellence.
Our goal is to raise the quality of the product, transforming a stylistic idea into garments of excellence, enhancing the Made in Italy.

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