Photo exhibition: Willy Sanson

An infinite ocean of souls - A photographic story by Willy Sanson between India and Southeast Asia


On the occasion of the 64th Fiera di Argenta, the inauguration of the photographic exhibition by Willy Sanson, curated by Mihaela Mezin, is scheduled for Friday 10 September at 6.00 pm at the Mercato cultural center; promoted in collaboration with the Giovan Battista Aleotti 1546 cultural association which will remain on the wall until 24 October.

Willy Sanson, photographer from Grado, started traveling at the age of 29 and his first destination was Laos, followed by Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, China and Indonesia.
His travels do not cover the classic tourist routes and it is the search for the “little known” that has allowed him to come into contact with wonderful people and places.

In his shots Willy Sanson prefers the portrait, a photographic genre that closely relates the photographer to the subject, in an intimate contact that is played in a glance.

However, ethics remains the starting point that a photographer must respect. Through his photographs, Sanson tries to implement, in the best and most appropriate way to the situation, values ​​of humanity and respect for the individual.

The photography in these reports is strictly in color because only in this way is it possible to grasp the true essence of the circumstances and of the known countries, above all India, which is "color" par excellence.


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