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Silk: the secrets of a precious fibre

Silk, one of the most precious and fascinating fibers in the world, comes from the Bombyx Mori moth. This little worm, in preparation for its wonderful metamorphosis, creates a soft envelope around itself, known as a cocoon, by deftly moving its head around its fragile body. It is precisely from this splendid cocoon that Silk comes to life, an incomparable textile treasure.
With an origin that dates back to ancient times, Silk was discovered in China way back in 3000 BC. Even then it was used to create the sumptuous clothes worn by Chinese emperors and the aristocratic classes. The Chinese people kept the secret of its production for a long time, until, in 300 AD, the Japanese and other Asian peoples managed to reveal the mysteries of its manufacturing. From that moment, the cultivation of the silkworm spread throughout Europe, and Italy became one of the main protagonists of this precious textile art.
Silk is a priceless fiber, endowed with innumerable qualities that make it unique in its kind. It is impalpable, delicately soft and intrinsically refined. However, of all its merits, it is its unmistakable sheen that fascinates the most. Silk is also an excellent thermal insulator: it offers a pleasant freshness during hot summer days, while maintaining a constant temperature for the body during the rigors of winter.

At Cains Moore we are committed to creating garments made from 100% silk, a choice that combines naturalness and sustainability. Our collection includes the 100% Silk crewneck, available in three fascinating variants: brown, copper and black. Characterized by flowing lines and an impalpable lightness, the Silk crew neck is the ideal accessory to give a touch of charm to a casual office look, or to embellish an elegant ceremonial outfit.
Similarly, our maxi sweater made of 100% silk, with its soft and relaxed lines, ensures unparalleled comfort, easily adapting to various styles and creating sophisticated combinations. This piece is available in a refined shade of copper and a seductive shade of dark blue.

Explore our collection and discover our products made for her, with the elegance and integrity of 100% silk.
Silk crewneck
Silk wide sweater

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