100% recyclable cashmere

Natural and certified raw materials

We firmly believe in the consumer's right to know where and with what rules each product has been made, to protect their own health and that of those who produced it and to safeguard the natural environment. For seventy years Cains Moore has been selecting the best suppliers of raw materials and the best yarns to guarantee traceability and the highest quality over time.

Traceability from farm to consumer

The wool is purchased directly from sucida at origin. Combing, dyeing and spinning are carried out exclusively in Italy, respecting the environment, avoiding waste of water, which is only used to humidify the spinning environment and the yarn itself. Origin, traceability and compliance with Tessile e Salute and TF standards are guaranteed and documented.

Natural raw materials from renewable sources, biodegradable, recyclable and non-toxic.


The Technology developed thanks to its unique natural characteristics has received an important recognition becoming the only Woolmark approved natural dyeing technology in the world. This is a very restrictive mark, which excludes the use of any chemical product.

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